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Bear Creek Mountain Resort Wedding Photographer – Jay & Kate

I met Kate at a bridal show in 2015. The reason that I bring this up is because it was a humorous start for a wonderful friendship. Kate was one of the three brides who came to this bridal show and after a rather unimpressive turn out, I left thinking that it was a complete waste of my time. However, that was not the case. Kate was entered into a free engagement shoot contest and being one of three brides there, her odds were great. She won that contest and got in touch with me regarding the shoot. A few months later, she was a guest at a wedding that I was shooting and after that chance meeting, I felt that it was my destiny to shoot her wedding. Fast forward through the next year, after a beautiful engagement session, to a time when we were confirming details for her wedding. In the conversation I learned that we had gone to the same grade school for a time AND that she lived right down the street from my now brother-in-law, in a house later owned by one of my friends. All of the funny little coincidences had me going into this wedding already knowing that it would be a success….and boy was it. The wedding took place at the beautiful Bear Creek Mountain Resort in PA, and the day could not have been more perfect. Previous November weddings of mine have been cold, damp, or grey. This wedding, however, was a vivacious, sunny, and colorful “October-looking” wedding, with an orange, red, and yellow mountain backdrop. Once again, my wonderful friend, Joelle, second shot for me and I was assisted by the best ever, Reilly. Joelle got to bond with the rowdiest and most affectionate group of groomsmen we’ve ever met, (literally, they were kissing each other all day) while Reilly and I were hanging with the ladies. Kate’s dressing led to laughter and tears and after a touching first look with both parents, we made our way to the patio for the first look and portraits. Jay was so sweet when he turned around to see his gorgeous bride-to-be and even though Kate teared up for a moment, Jay had only to tell a joke to get her back into her humorous self. The portraits were incredibly easy to photograph in the beautiful weather and a few hours later, Kate was walking down the aisle. The sun stayed out just long enough for the ceremony and then set behind the clouds for the cocktail hour and reception. Although I was expecting a horrific cake smash, the couple went with the less messy alternative and enjoyed their reception surrounded by their family and friends, all of whom barely left the dance floor. What an incredible wedding! For more work from this┬áBear Creek Mountain Resort Wedding Photographer, click here. To see the album, scroll to the bottom or simply click here.

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A word from the Bride

It was the most incredible and beautiful day of my life that flew by way too quick. The small details the florist and the bakery provided only accentuated the charm we were drawn to at Bear Creek.

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Advice from the Bride

Relax, have fun, and enjoy it with each other! There are bound to be things to go wrong (and they will!) but at the end of the day, you are there to marry the love of your life and those small details that may have not been 100% how you wanted them to be do not matter. Take it all in as much as you can because it goes by so fast!

Bear Creek Mountain Resort Wedding Photographerjay&kate_0058Bear Creek Mountain Resort Wedding PhotographerBear Creek Mountain Resort Wedding Photographerjay&kate_0061jay&kate_0062jay&kate_0063jay&kate_0064jay&kate_0065jay&kate_0066jay&kate_0067jay&kate_0068jay&kate_0069jay&kate_0070jay&kate_0071jay&kate_0072jay&kate_0073Bear Creek Mountain Resort Wedding Photographerjay&kate_0075jay&kate_0076jay&kate_0077jay&kate_0078Bear Creek Mountain Resort Wedding Photographerjay&kate_0080jay&kate_0081jay&kate_0082jay&kate_0083jay&kate_0084jay&kate_0085jay&kate_0086Bear Creek Mountain Resort Wedding Photographerjay&kate_0088jay&kate_0089jay&kate_0090jay&kate_0091Bear Creek Mountain Resort Wedding Photographerjay&kate_0093jay&kate_0094jay&kate_0095jay&kate_0096

Bear Creek Mountain Resort Wedding Photographer

Bear Creek Mountain Resort Wedding Photographer


Bear Creek Mountain Resort Wedding Photographer

Bear Creek Mountain Resort Wedding Photographer


Bear Creek Mountain Resort Wedding Photographer

Bear Creek Mountain Resort Wedding Photographer


Bear Creek Mountain Resort Wedding Photographer

Bear Creek Mountain Resort Wedding Photographer


Bear Creek Mountain Resort Wedding Photographer

Bear Creek Mountain Resort Wedding Photographer



Venue: Bear Creek Mountain Resort & Spa

Wedding Rings: Koehler’s Jewelers

Florist: An Enchanted Florist

Accessories: Etsy

Hair/Makeup: Jayna Giambattista & Kathleen Nash from Parlour 33 as well as Yvonne Engard for makeup

Wedding Stationary: Minted

Suit: Darianna Bridal

Dress: Casablanca at Darianna Bridal

Shoes: Michael Kors & Toms

Cake: Piece ‘A Cake

DJ: 925 Entertainment

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