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Montgomery Newborn Photographer – Newborn Emilia

Little Emilia was an angel at her newborn session, sleeping soundly even while her big brother ran around screaming and playing. It was a beautiful session and I was so blessed to be a part of it. Little Emilia Meghan had one special guardian angel watching over her during the session, her Aunt Megan who passed away over ten years ago. I wanted to share the beautiful words from Emilia’s mother and Meghan’s sister had to share about a very special pair of ballet shoes. For more work from this Montgomery Newborn Photographer, click here.

My sister last wore her pointe shoes at her dance recital 15 years ago. Competitive dance was something she truly enjoyed doing, and pointe was a new challenge for her during her junior year of high school. She was diagnosed the summer before senior year and never had a chance to dance again. While I am a sentimental person, I don’t feel the need to have every small trinket and memory from my childhood. That being said, I have several things of my sister’s that mean a lot to me. Brayden has her stuffed dog that she had in the hospital, we have a pillow made out of one of her sweaters, and my mom has several blankets and wall hangings that my aunt made out of Meg’s clothes and dance costumes that will one day be mine. I knew that if I ever had a daughter she would be named after my sister. I also knew that if I had a daughter, Meghan’s pointe shoes would hang in her room. Right after Emilia came home, I asked my mom for the pointe shoes. As Emilia sleeps on me, I keep looking at this picture of her with Meghan’s pointe shoes. It makes me both incredibly sad and incredibly happy because I know that a part of her is now with my daughter, and this is a simple way we can continue to keep Meg’s memory alive in our house.


Montgomery Newborn PhotographerMontgomery Newborn PhotographerMontgomery Newborn Photographer

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